Hi Charlotte!

We are delighted this month to be celebrating not only our 10th birthday, but also 10 years of by charlotte at Lily & Mitchell! We have had by charlotte as a part of our range since we started back in 2013 and adore the jewellery, the brand and the by charlotte team.

We’d love to have a little chat and get a bit of an insight into the last ten years in your world!

Q: Firstly, we need to discuss the lotus! An iconic design, which has been a part of many by charlotte collections over the years in various forms. The original Lotus necklace and Lotus and Little Buddha necklaces, which we have had as part of our range since we opened ten years ago, are still as popular today! What inspired this design, and did you realise at the time you’d created something very special?


A: The inspiration for the Lotus Necklace design came to life during a transformative trip to Bali in 2012. I was surrounded by beautiful lotus flowers and had a vision to create a beautiful piece of jewellery that captured the inspiring story of the lotus and it’s deeper meaning. So, I started to sketch designs and took them to a local manufacturer to get them sampled. Little did I know at the time that this design would touch the hearts of so many and become a timeless symbol of life's infinite potential. The Lotus design truly embodies the magic within each person to bloom and live in light.

Q: Do you have a personal favourite piece, past or present, from the last ten years? Something that has had a special meaning to you, or just a piece you love and are proud of? (Mine has to be the Crystal Lotus Flower necklace – I wear it almost every day )


A: My personal favourite piece would have to be the Lotus Short Necklace. It holds a special place in my heart as it was the first-ever piece I created for by charlotte, and to this day, it remains our best-selling piece.


Q: One thing we love about by charlotte (as do our customers) is that each piece has meaning and so many feature beautiful words or mantras. Is there one piece that particularly resonates with you in terms of its message?


A: Absolutely, the “Everything You Are Is Enough” necklace holds a special significance for me. During a design trip, I went to a sound healing session, where the healer repeated the mantra “Everything you are is enough”. It deeply resonated with me and was a message I needed to hear in my life at that time. This piece serves as a beautiful reminder that everything within us is already enough to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Q: When you get ready in the morning, how much is jewellery a part of the process? Do you change it up every day, depending on what you’re wearing, or do you have the same staples you wear daily?


A: Jewellery styling is an essential part of my morning routine. I have some cherished staple pieces, such as my 14k solid necklace with my daughter Estelle's initials, which I wear daily, close to my heart. However, I also love to change up my jewellery based on my mood and outfit for the day. Choosing a piece with a mantra or meaningful message allows me to carry that intention with me throughout the day.

Q: What has been the By Charlotte highlight, for you, of the last ten years?


A: Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable highlights has been the opening of our first boutique in Paddington. It marked a significant milestone for the brand and provided a physical space where customers could personally connect with our pieces and experience the brand. We also just launched our Piercing Studio which has been a major goal of ours.

Q: What do the next ten years hold for by charlotte? Do you have one wish or goal for the brand that you can share?


A: Looking ahead, the next ten years hold exciting possibilities and growth for by charlotte. I would love to open many more stores, both in Australia and overseas! As we expand our reach, my hope is that our jewellery will continue to inspire wearer to reach their full potential.

Thanks for your time Charlotte, and thanks for allowing us to be a part of the by charlotte journey! We have absolutely loved working with by charlotte - both the jewellery and the team - for the last ten years and can't wait to see what the next ten has in store... xx